Sneak Peek-age+ Meet Thecla

Meet Thecla... we scouted her... can you blame us? She is not only absolutely adorbs.... she has the cutest personality too. You all would love her. So happy to add her to the crew. And Yes this really is a clash leopard ruffle oxy top. Oh wow.

Lovin the new mixed matched sleeves on these flannel oxys! 
And Tay- tay.... ofcourse! And they say California has all the pretty girls?
Ummmm.. I think Texas is doing pretty good.
This Aztec print is amazing!

How about a Goat Pocket?  Suuuuure!

I had a blast with these girls today at the photo shoot.
Its sooo fun to be able to dress up, laugh and just hang with the girls!
Cant wait to show you guys everything!
See you Saturday Night xo.

Love our Accessories? 
Wooden bracelets?

Today.. lets just say I got made fun of for writing Wah la! Instead of Voila!
But Im not french.. so whats the big deal? Wah-la.. is just fine, right?
I wonder what those same people would think of Gah, Eeep, and Eeek.

What are your thoughts?  :) 


  1. wah-la! wah-la! wah-la!
    i like it better that way.
    xo! :)

  2. oh man! i'm in love with all of your new schtuff!

    and the model--gorgeous.