PPP- Look Book.

Totally excited to share our 2012 Lookbook with yall!


A huge thank you to Laura of Violet Bella who put it together for us.
And of course .... Jamie Harper for the amazing photographs.

feel free to share this link.. if you love it as much as we do :)
" its a lifestyle, peeps ".


  1. oh my the look book is just gorgeous! I love it,

    Zoe x

  2. this lookbook is so beautiful!!!! and i love the words, they are inspiring. laura did a great job!!! i loved it!!!

  3. This is amazing Shauna, I know I don't comment much, but I've been a constant reader since I found you, and you are a great inspiration to me!
    I'm so encouraged by you :)

  4. You have just inspired me to take my sewing machine out of the closet!

  5. I love it!!! Very well done! Inspirational and beautiful. When I need a pick me up I am going to go to that and read it! Thanks!!!

  6. Wow...after checking out your Look Book I feel SO inspired to remember to cherish every moment! My question for you is...how do you manage it all? I have three girls who are 24. 19, and my littlest love is just 6. I love to sew & create but, I need so many more hours in the day. Do you have any words of wisdom to share on time management? Thanks so very much! Continue to shine!