MORE!!!!!Daily Doses.... + Scammers!

I got MORE DAILY DOSES ........ 

And on "scammers"

Bummer....  :( There was a charge back on my paypal account recently... and its been a huge headache.
Not only was the money extracted from my account with me knowing it... there was nothing I could do about it... besides fight it { which i am doing } but it has been over a month to find resolve.
Take heed etsy shop owners!
If you have a customer that is using a stolen credit card for example.. or if they declare to paypal they never ordered the item they purchased... money will be automatically taken from your account before the matter is even researched. Paypal needs to change their ways.. this is awful.

Here is the kicker: the customer chargedback an item that was purchased in January.. so I was thankful I had kept my shipping receipts.

So here are a few tips of advice to make your transactions secure!
1. Keep all postal receipts { even if its from a year ago } so you have proof of mailing your items.
2. Report the buyer on etsy as I did.. so that they can no longer scam other shops.
3. Keep all of your convos... I was happy to find I had all of our conversations and was able to screen shot them to paypal and etsy.
4. Make sure all of your customers have confirmed addresses before you mail out an item.

I will no longer be able to ship out ANY packages to "unconfirmed" addresses on paypal. You may have your address unconfirmed and not realize... it takes a moment to go through the confirming process so please take this step before purchasing with our shop... I will have to hold all packages until addresses are confirmed.

Also be sure before check out your etsy address and paypal address are correct and match! Taylor my assistant does all of the shipping now.. so if you send me a private message to ship to another address... we can not guarantee it will ship correctly. Thanks ahead of time. :) 

Thanks for doing this! And Spread the word... so these scammers don't ruin our etsy experience.... 


  1. okay, the whole scammer thing happened with me this week too - via paypal and i'm working to resolve it as wel. boo.

    in other words, loving all of the new shop updates - esp the mickey-dee one!

  2. oh dear. this is crazy,,,, im sorry that it happened to you too :( thanks for enjoying the posts!

  3. I am bummed this happened to you. I will take your post and advice to heart so it does not happen to me! Thanks <3

  4. Wow, that is good to know! I will definitely be more careful in the future, thanks for the tip! Too bad this happened :( Hope it works out okay!

  5. ugh, what a bummer! But SO good to know, thank you! I will take better care of filing my selling history. I am pretty 'delete happy' when it comes to convo's
    I love this top, btw :)
    x Krystie