Her Birthday-

McCoys Birthday started off with a special breakfast in bed....


 And a day out on the lake with the Grandparents.

 There will be no daily doses this week-  
 but ..... there will be a chunk-ier post on Wednesday.
I will announce the time.
Its just easier for me to do one larger post.... since I am trying to concentrate most my efforts this week on finishing up custom orders and putting together McCoys actual camping birthday party this weekend.

See you Wednesday! { Time will be announced }

P.S. Taylor will be mailing out a lot of packages and custom orders today- you will be notified through etsy.... if yours infact was sent out today... be sure to check your etsy notifications. 


  1. Happy Birthday to her, looks like she had a lovely day! Big hugs, the Hersrud's

  2. Wow, that looks like an seriously rad day!