Health Quest- + Sale.

Hey guys! 
I was going to wait till tomorrow.. but I am too excited to not share today.
As many of you know I have had some mysterious health issues... the last 2 years
which while are improving, are far from over.
I know my body and its off.
plus my blood work still suggests it is.

Recently I discovered through blood work... that almost all of my hormones are off.
Which actually makes sense as to why my anxiety { which is usually controllable }
has not been. Long story short... I still don't feel like myself.
I'm ready to get my life back.

I have an opportunity to go to the Hotze Clinic in Houston next week.
A friend went & experienced life changing results and both Donnie & I are believing this could be the answer. I will be sure to let you all know how it goes... because I know many of you suffer with the same range of symptoms that I do. So i hope to come back with something positive to share.

HOWEVER.... lets just put this bluntly... after our big splurge on re-doing the garage.
we are pretty broke right now.
I shouldn't say broke.... because we are blessed beyond.
but in "American terms" we are broke-y!
This clinic is going to set us back big time.
BIG. time.

But we are trusting in God that he will provide.
I was feeling guilty about all of these doctor expenses over the last couple years.
My husband is so sweet, he said he would be willing to sell our home and cars if that's what it takes. 
health is more important... but its so easy to neglect our health as mamas.

so i feel super supported and feel that it is a gift from God to me.
Permission if you will.. to chase after something.. I so desperately need.
My health.

I decided to take the edge off us financially by offering a 50% off sale to you guys!
I know how excited you bargain shoppers get over these!
Please read the details below.

Fine Print:
This sale is Only good on already made items { no gift cards or custom orders}
This sale is good ONLY on Thursday & Friday. 
I will not be on my computer much on these days.. so please be sure to enter the coupon code correctly on etsy.While in the past I have been able to send refunds, it creates a lot of book keeping confusion and so I will not be able to do that anymore.
So please be sensitive to this issue... and be mindful of entering the coupon code in the right spot upon checkout. { not in the note to seller } 

Have fun getting those bargains.... 

I covet your prayers...  in this time. I am excited and hoping for huge health improvements.


  1. you will definitely be in my thoughts. <3

  2. God bless you Shauna! I just read your health story and I can relate to your struggles, since I have similar medical problems. I hope you have a good experience on your trip!

  3. I hope you find the answers yur lookin for on this trip, Shauna! I am so thinking of you and your family..Can't wait for tomorrow...might have to splurge...once again!
    Love, Clair

  4. i hope everything goes well your way... god bless

  5. I am praying for you and your family! Your blog is such a blessing to me and many others. Your name means God's gift, and truthfully so. Thank you for being such a faithful witness of Jesus!

  6. thank you everyone! means so much to me!

    and earthenvessel.. YOU MADE MY NIGHT. i love my name more than ever now. thank you!

  7. I hope you get the answers you are looking for. I have had similar woes over the years with testing positive for everything out there, from strep to blood clots and brain tumors. I feel your pain. Ultimately, I have decided to put my anxiety in God's hands and let him handle it all for me. I can't keep taking my family through these scary journeys with me, so I more or less have stopped seeing doctors altogether, except for an annual.
    Perhaps one day I will have faith in medicine again and seek answers, but for now I try to be content with the knowledge that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'll let you know how that turns out!

    In the meantime, I guess if I must, I will shop. Thanks for the sale! Hope I can help you buy gas on the way to Houston, or pay a co-pay. :) I'll let my hubby know it's for a good cause.