Happy Camper- turns 6

Every day McCoy asks... Mommy... how many more days till my birthday?
This month just cant move fast enough for the eager birthday girl... who will soon be six. { gasp }
This year... McCoy wanted to do a camping theme party!
McCoy has never had a smore,.... I know, super tragic.
And she has always been intrigued by the idea of sleeping outside in a tent.
So here we go.

We opted for a day time "campy celebration with friends" making smores and doing other campy things. and then a family sleepover in the backyard... with lanterns and sleeping bags.

On a birthday party celebration side note... I felt this year was a more challenging year with invites.
McCoy has friends from her co-op, her church, the neighborhood and then of course there are our friends and family.  I'm all about big parties... but I'm not Tori Spelling either. We just had to really narrow in.. with friends she is currently playing with... because living in our small little town.. you  make friends with everyone pretty quickly.

Any veteran birthday party throwing Moms on the pc way to do invites?
I hate to hurt little feelings.
Or maybe I just need to embrace huge ragers!

Stay tuned... Daily Dose coming soon!


  1. I love this theme so much & she looks absolutely adorable!!

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