Gods Timing.

Objects in Mirror are closer than they appear.... means so much more to me these days.

I am so sorry for misleading any of you locals...  but...I will not be setting up this Saturday at the Farmers Market.  Donnie and I have felt God calling us to do a home study for a long time now and we have put it off time & time again because of my health, work and just being busy.  Recently, we committed to drop everything and start these classes this June.... and we just learned the classes are on Saturdays.

I felt hesitant to share this on my blog.. because I don't have the answers on what this means. I have always  had a heart for adoption... but I am also very nervous and trying to put it all in Gods hands.
This is when blogging can be difficult... because people in real life.. have circumstances that change, opinions and such, and sometimes when you blog about something.... it feels so concrete... almost as if typing it makes it unchangeable.. { which is really silly when you think about it } 

 I have learned from past mistakes { announcing we were selling everything and moving into an RV before we actually bought the RV } and then it fell through because of interest rates. So I would better preface the adoption process like this. We are currently being obedient to Gods calling .... and we both feel he is telling us to take this forward step. This is something we haven't even really discussed in detail with family or anyone... because we are trying not to make our own specific plans and assumptions { as we humans often do} but really put this in his hands. We don't know if we would adopt internationally, domestically, boy or girl, siblings... or if we are just taking these classes to find out adoption is not what we are supposed to do. I am serious when I say my heart aches constantly for the orphans... so I'm sure God will reveal his plan for us if we continue to just be obedient to hear him. 

It's a delicate and important matter.... and we know that if we go into it with expectations and "plans" we will wreck what could be a beautiful experience truly led by him. So seriously pray for us.. and particularly "me" because I tend to be a control freak when it comes to big decisions like these and I tend to worry needlessly over details. Once Donnie makes a decision he is more solid.... I waver... and doubt things a lot.

So the long story short of the farmers market is that the home study just so happens to be on Saturdays for all of June.... and we felt it was something we had to brush everything else off for. So I had to cancel my farmers market plans. 

However.. If I can pull it together by having Taylor or a friend of mine run the market.. I will be sure to let you know... Either way.. I'm planning on setting up sometime this summer  :)  I will keep you in the loop....

Thanks for understanding.


  1. There is NO greater gift in this world than to give a needy child a home and your love. Bless you for even considering this long and, at times, frustrating process. God will lead you through it. Thanks for being brave enough to post this.

    An adopted child,
    Brenda XO

  2. Awww, I'm sure it will work out and PPP's fans will wait for you for sure :)


  3. What a great reason to postpone business...surely everyone will understand locally! I love your designs...and I have tried to convince my husband to buy an RV and travel the country...hasn't worked yet-).

  4. Wow that is awesome that you guys are looking into this and leaving it so in God's hands. Blessings and Peace to you as you begin this journey!!

  5. oops wrote my own blog out wrong. hippymama-keni.blogspot.com.
    sorry! ;)