What would I do without Taylor?
As many of you already know, Taylor is my assistant.. the one who keeps things sane around here.
She has been helping me a lot more lately... so you may get correspondence from her here & there.

and with an assistant this purdy... you bet she models too! <3
Check out todays daily dose...... 
fringe necklace? here.

Some of you have asked for studio pictures.. Welp... this gives you an itty bitty idea of it.
It is not set up in the slightest.. but its wonderfully functional...yet still shared space with lots of our storage and my husbands tools... we still have a lot of organizing to do... to get it dialed in...and with our busy schedules... this could mean next year. 

Even so... I am loving having a separate space for work and enjoying how clean my house stays now!
But I promise studio pictures in the near future......

Exciting News Tomorrow. Stay tuned .....  


  1. I don't know if anybody's mentioned this before but Taylor and McCoy totally look alike!