Daily Dose + Heavy Head.

Wow. Thank you friends for all the emails, wishing me well for Houston... seriously.... thank you. I am excited to say that all went well.....  and I'm very hopeful. They ran a battery of tests on me for five hours....  a super detailed day and even though very educational..... verrrrrrrry tiring. Towards the end of my appointment.. my brain sorta shut off and I was ready for a nap. I promise to share the details and discoveries with you when I can muster the energy to write it all out... I have a feeling many of you will find it helpful in your own health journey... so I def don't want to hold out on you..... Just bare with me... as I come around to my perky self.

and also happy to show off today's daily doses.....

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I hope you are all having an awesome Wednesday.
Today when my kiddos get down for naps. I will start tackling emails and packages.....
loves yall xo

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