DAILY DOSE + Embracing the bows.

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As I mentioned on Fb, I have lost all control when it comes to dressing my almost six year old. She now not only dresses herself but is very particular. She really wanted some big bows for her hair and I gave in. While I think hair bows are cute and all- I have just always been a "messy" hair kinda girl.
So I'm learning to embrace perfectly brushed hair, shiny flip flops, big bows and shimmery lip gloss. I've never been much of a girly girl.... but she is converting me..I love witnessing her creativity as she puts together her outfits.. and the way she smiles at her self in the mirror once her hair is perfectly smooth with a bow in it. Ill do anything for that smile......

Motherhood.. is such a blessing.
Can you believe us Mamas  give birth to people? God really entrusted that to us?
I will never get over that... even though it happens everyday. I am in total of awe of it still.
Its amazing to me... how God proves himself in these everyday miracles.
Wow. God... Wow.


  1. She is adorable. And your statements in this post about miracles and right on! Wow..God..wow!

  2. This post is too cute!
    Way to go mom!

    xo Jessica

    love your blog header!