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Meet Emily from The Anderson Crew. I found her blog through my other favorite... The Wiegands. It was one of those " divine appointments". It was this blog that got me.

Timing had it.....I was reading Kisses from Katie... and had just wrote a blog about how much it moved me.  I just felt like stumbling upon emilys blog was of no accident. And did I mention... I absolutely love her blog? So you can imagine how exciting it was to see pictures of her sporting a PPP bell sleeve.
She is adorable.... and I love it on her! 

Def go and check out her blog. You will love her instantly!

P.S. Tomorrows PPP post.. will be rather small... as customs were crazy busy this last week.
I will post half a post on Saturdays... followed by another chunkier post soon after.
Oh--- and Oxys with Ruffles! Just like you asked :) 
See.. I listen!  :)

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