Because of you.....

People often ask how I have gotten such a good following of customers?
The question sorta stumps me because surely if there was a system to it... all businesses would do it.
Truth be told...... its you.
There is a special radness in all of you.
Somthing that craves to be outside of the "status quo"
and because of you, your boldness, your creativity and your awesome fashion sense.
I have a job.
God has just matched up our kindred fashion spirits... to make a complete package.
and there is no strategy to it.
Just pure blessings.

Because of you... PPP rocks!

- Be sure to tag us in your photos wearing your PPP on Facebook -
So you can be in our next customer love feature!

Sale continues for today...
and loads of New PPP SATURDAY...

1 comment:

  1. So amazing seeing everyone wearing your gorgeous creations, love it.

    Zoe x