Around here.... been so long.

Gosh.. It's been so long...since I did an around here.
We have been crazy busy with lots-a good things! 
The weather is just PERFECT... and we are seriously loving the sun therapy!

 McCoy with her Pals from Co-op :) celebrating her friends birthday.

 My fringe.
 Chauncho... a.ka. Chaunchito. and my awesome sushi pillow from pillow happy.

 School time.......

 Outdoor fun.....

 We made a little sandbox under the play scape... 
{beware,we just learned that play sand causes cancer... and it even states it on the bag at home depot}
We opted for good old organic texas top soil.

We finally got grass in the backyard!!!!!
 The sweet & tired husband..... from all of his hard work resting in his new favorite chair.

 Chauncho got his own chair.. :) 
 Italia "mad" because her sister is trying to dry her off.... 
 Matching Disney Pajamas... gifted to us from friends of the family.

 Last but not least.... we all look forward to going to Whole Foods.
We are there for hours.. eating, planning our meals and having fun.
I know... we are dorks.. we love it.

 I admit...  super jealous of McCoys lime green shopping cart!
Mucho love! 

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  1. These are all so precious. How lucky are they to have a sister for a best friend! So sweet. :)