After Partaaay!

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  1. Tube top baby doll shirts n oxy baby dolls....More more more!!!!

  2. Such a great upload tonight. I loved it all and almost bought things I knew would not fit because I loved them LOL (Maybe it would give me a push to loose weight lol) Ended up making my first PPP purchase tonight and can't wait to wear it :) I would love to see more
    -Tops any kind in size LG/XLG
    -Short bloomers in XLG


  3. making note of all this! thanks so much! :)

  4. LOVE: the bell sleeve oxy, grey oxy with aztec print sleeves.
    MORE: solid-colored oxys, with mixed print sleeves(phenomenal and SO wearable)
    Everything looks amazing! I'd buy it all if I could, ha.

  5. wow - love all of these pieces. the Moutain Dew one might be by far my fave!

  6. I really like the aztec printed stuff. And pretty much all the tshirts.
    I am average size bigger than your models but not plus size. When I tried to go shopping last thurs and fri all the ready made items were too small for me. So maybe some med to large shirts and larger bottoms. :)
    I love it all!

  7. I'm totally digging your aztec print, too!

    I would love to see more long-sleeve oxys : ) paired with shorts they are a staple for me in the summer!