3 New Daily Doses + Packing.

Three New Daily Doses to nab up today!

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Tonight.. we are leaving for Houston so there will be no daily dose tomorrow.
I am packaging up all custom orders that are complete... and have already mailed out all sale purchases. 
If you grabbed something on Saturday's post... or today's daily dose... your item will go out Wednesday. Thanks for your patience.. I know its not the typical super speedy shipping. 

Did you know that Etsy now sends shipping notifications?
When we are ready to ship out your item.. there is no more guessing. we will send you a notification through etsy that your item has been sent out.  Make sure to check your etsy mail.

Thanks so much for your support during this time.. and if I come to your mind...  prayers are super appreciated. Have a great Monday. xo


  1. Prayers for a safe journey and some answers to your questions. I will dedicate my yoga practice tomorrow morning to you. Namaste... ;)

  2. Good luck tomorrow and hope you come back with some answers and good news! Be safe...