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I've never been a good blog commenter!
Although there are a few blogs I love & read regularly, I get lazy.. .especially with the security codes.
So I totally understand reading and bailing.
I do it..... all the time.
However... I'm trying to get better at commenting.. especially when I have something to say.
Or when I especially love a blog entry.
I want the blogger to know their blog was read & enjoyed.
If no-one ever commented on my blog.
Id start to think no-one is reading it, ya know?
So I want to return the same favor to other bloggers...

In saying that... I wanted to thank you guys for your blog comments as of late... especially in the After party. I know that many of you are not avid bloggers.... and commenting anywhere other than face book is a bit out of your comfort zone. I totally get it.
 Yet..for some reason when the comments are in this one place.. my brain is happy...
rather than compiling random comments from all of cyberspace.. face book, etsy, personal email etc. I feel much more organized for some reason.
I am going to start printing out the after party comments before I go thrifting... so that will help me keep my radar on for the things you are requesting. That will be a huge help.
If I don't seem to fulfill your after party request... please know its unintentional.
It would only be because I didn't quite find what I needed to complete your request.
That's the bummer with thrifting... but also the excitement...
as I could find something even cooler than you imagined.
So keep on commenting... especially on the After Party Posts!
I have lotsa Oxys with ruffles coming.. { per your request }
 I started putting them together last night... and I am so excited.
so they should all be done for the following Saturday. { not this weekends post }

and Don't miss a super rad post this Saturday. 8pm Texas Time. xxxx


  1. Hi Shauna!
    I'm looking forward to oxys w/ ruffles...dresses with sleves are a favorite of mine for the summer, too!

  2. I'm looking for a great tshirt dress.
    Also, I love the Tokyo shirt, bummed I missed it! Anything Buddha-ish would be right up my alley!
    Lovin' your stuff Shauna!

  3. That Tokyo shirt is so rad!
    I'm drawn to a lot of the styles you make, hard to narrow it down.

    At the moment though I've got the mis-matched flannels on the brain, & the bell-sleeve long shirt/mini dresses..