Soaking her up.....

McCoy goes to home school Co-op two days a week.... and while I'm sure Italia misses having her big sister around on those days... I also notice how much more she talks to me when McCoy is not around. It's like her special time to grab all of my attention and show me more of who she is.

I recently realized, the second child doesn't have the same bonding opportunity the first born does.
McCoy had all of my attention for four years before Italia was born.... with no distractions. I am reminded how important these mornings are that we get to be together, just her and I. I just love soaking up all of who she is.... and am so excited to watch her grow up bit by bit.

Italia, I treasure our Tuesday's and Thursday morning dates... just you and me. xo


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  1. i love that you have this time with her each, so so very special. such a sweet little one italia is!!!!