Hello Weekend!
This was McCoys idea to add a ruffle to her already super cute senorita dress.
Watch out PPP- we may have a co-designer.
random note: I just realized I love dressing my kids to match... ha!

We are having an awesome weekend.... 
  we are headed out the country today to soak it all up.
Grandpa Paul in tow--- he is visiting from Cali and brought with him the perfect California weather.
Texas is amazing today.
We will be home.... and I will be ready to post by 8 pm tonight.
Dont Miss this one! Hope you are ready for some cuuuuuute things! eeeep!


  1. So adorable! Do you have a good source for where to get these dresses? My Lily needs a
    Señorita dress :-). Chenning

  2. Mine were handed down to me :( so thats not much help... but if i find any.. ill keep you in mind. i love them too. they are so fun!

  3. So glad I stumbled onto your your style-your girls are BEAUTIFUL! Looking forward to following!