The New Place to Partayyyy!

Something has been bugging me.... and I have been processing it for some time now.
 I couldn't figure it out... until it hit me just the other day.
Bam!  The answer: This is the New Place to Party!
let me tell you why!
For the last 3 years... it seems like PPP Posts have become quite the Party.
I enjoy myself so much... that even though my assistant Taylor edits and writes up all my etsy posts.
I still take over when its time to post.
There are a few reasons I do this.

1. I freaking love you guys... and your comments... they inspire me and encourage me.

2. I can quickly reserve things, answer questions and hear feedback.. that helps me design for the following weeks to come.  { those comments like... wished this were a small, or the items that are fought over.. help me figure out what I should bring the following weeks... I want to serve you guys the best I can }

3. I don't get out much.... and I consider it a PARTY. { kinda joking... but not really} 

So .... whats been bothering me? ---  Well after the party ends... the days after... I get notifications of comments on facebook, emails on etsy and personal emails... and they are in the hundreds. Crazy! and I try to scroll down and comment back on each and everyone of them..... but I lose my place a lot of time... and usually miss a bunch. Sometimes even with emails... they just get lost in the shuffle and that makes me sad... because I dont want any of you to think you are not important... or that I am too busy for you. So that has been eating at me... and I just couldn't wrap my head around a solution until it hit me recently. 

THIS BLOG IS THE NEW PARTY-----! {we still love facebook.... but this is the AFTER PARTY if you will.}----

So if you have been following PPP for some time now.. you know that after the PPP Post... we do a blog the next day and re-cap on all the awesome items loaded up. At the end of each "NEW PPP" post...I am going to ask for your favorites, requests or just cool comments.

Here are some examples! 

- Id love to see more Larges!
- More Bloomers!
- The Blanket tube is my favorite!
- Loving all these colors. etc.
- Shauna, did you get my email on etsy?

Your comments are so important to me... and yes even reminders here will help me. I am not annoyed by sweet reminders..... I am a homeschooling mom who runs a full time business... so I appreciate your nudges.... please dont feel bad following up with me at all. I actually appreciate it and would so much rather you do that... then me miss out on your email all together. Your comments also help me get to know you better.  The better I know you... the more inspired I become to make clothes that you will love.  So please know that your comments, requests etc... are super important to me.

Not sure how to follow this blog and leave comments?-
its super easy --- and takes just a minute.
Want to be a follower?- just click " follow" on the right hand side of the blog.
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  1. I just lost my comment -- argh, blogger!

    I'd love to see more larger or even XL. Although I've lost 60 lbs, I still have an obnoxious chest of 38DD. I usually have to wear snug fitting shirts, nothing loose or blousy, because otherwise I look pregnant because it doesn't show I actually have a waist under there. So... I'm not sure if an Oxy would work for me or not, but want to try!

    Your stuff is amazing and even better is the sweet, kind-hearted soul who makes it all!

  2. Hello! I put my check in the mail.for the pink baby mocs on saturday..hopefully you receive it asap. When you ship out my shoes you can send them to the address on my check. Thanks!!!

  3. Brenda- you are so sweet.. thanks so much for your compliments.

    I will def make more larges... :) thanks for letting me know.

    Jessica... i got your check and am mailing out today.

    Nikki- yay.... we can party together!

  4. hey mama.

    blogged about your shirt here:

    Cuz I freaking love it. thank you for a shirt that is not only cute and unique, but has something awesome to say:).


  5. Awesome! Thanks!