Jefe and Chauncho.

If you are a facebook friend of mine.. you might recall.. some "Jefe" rants.... lets just say... having a 6 month old chocolate lab has not been a walk in the park. Yet... I can gladly report.. things are slowly getting better... However.. some things have not changed....once the shoe comes off the child... its in Jefe's mouth..... and then I'm chasing a 50 pound lab all over the yard. { my own episode of Marley and Me }

We are learning ways to entertain him ... if we can tire him out... all is well in the world.... lots of runs, walks and he loves the water!

Oh my gosh... and MEET Chauncho.  My sister found him on the side of the road.. we have been fostering him while we waited for his owner to call us.... he is so sweet and cuddly... pretty much a perfectly behaved dog. We call him chauncho... and "chaunchito" when he is on the couch and shouldn't be.  No-one has called on this sweet baby.. just when we thought we were "dogged" out..... we are thinking we will keep him too!  We keep it interesting around here.. that's for sure... 
 All we need are like five more kids and we are golden----- ! 
Let the madness begin.

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  1. Oh Chauncho has such a sweet look about him! Looks like fun with the pups!