Getting Organized....

We started moving furniture into the PPP studio this weekend... and its opened up so much space in the house for me to start getting organized in there as well. Can I just say... this is long overdue?  Ever since Donnie and I have been married { going on 7 years } I have had PPP in the house, that means stashes of fabrics, threads, packages and other unsightly messy things. It seems that no matter how hard I tried to organize it... it would end up a mess. I can honestly say for the first time in almost 7 years... I am getting organized... for real. I am surprised by the joy it brings me to have specific bins for battery's and sponges... What is like going to be like... now that I don't have to search for things? I don't want to be dramatic about this... but I feel like a new person.

I finally have my homeschooling nook set up !!!
 And Now where my office used to be in the hallway... is this little "flex" space..... 

The kids colorful PPP closet. { Still need to figure out a shoe-solution }
 And... We figured out a solution for "Jefe" too..... More on that later.... Oh and Yes... the backyard needs some Love- next! 
 I cant wait to have the time to get deep into my PPP studio and do the same thing in there... but it will be a few weeks as we have Donnie's Grandfather coming in to town. {YAY... for some family time.}- So.... Ill be sure to update Studio pics as soon as possible. - The last two months I have felt little a single Mom with Donnie working on the garage.... every weekend..... and I'm sure he is glad its over as well. Sometimes... you just have to hunker down and take care of business.... and I'm so glad we did.

Sigh of relief.... its happening!--