Instagram- Peeks.

Donnie's Grandpa Paul came from Cali to visit us in Texas.
A little late on the bunny ears.
 Chauncho.... " McCoys dog" 

 McCoy's artwork... she said it was of our family...  when I asked her why there are 6 people instead of 4... she said the other two were adopted. Prophetic, maybe?

 Going to get Dog food... always means checking out the cute puppies kitties and fishies.
 I sat down {Yup I do that } McCoy & Dad are playing hang man.
 My girl. xo
 An Italian girl.... for sure.

 We went on a glass bottom boat in San Marcos

 The little things that make me smile.... a vintage thermos vase... full of indigenous Texas plants.

Italias new sock monkey... thanks Rachel.

Gear up for tomorrows Daily Dose. { five dresses } to kick off my dress marathon!
get ur dress on.... !

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