Homeschooling... First Grade.

You ever hear those comments..? "How could anyone home school their kids.."? I would go crazy.
Welp, Let me just tell you.... I am already mildly crazy....if you haven't guessed that yet.
Truth be told... for any of you who may be considering homeschooling...
it's not as difficult as one might think.
But being organized is helpful... I learned that the hard way.

I am not your classic "homeschooling mom".
I did not know until the week before school started last year that I would home school.
I toured every school.... in hopes to find an"out"
But nothing gave me peace... besides homeschooling.
I was nervous.. I would dumb her down.
A friend said it best..  homeschooling is like my second chance at a decent education.
For serious.

McCoy is a very social girl. She loves going to her co-op two days a week.
I cant imagine her not experiencing prom... or school sports.
I  can see school in her future... I really do.
Yet the moment my feet hit school grounds.. I lose my peace.
I cant explain it. I just have to trust it.

If I didnt work... there would be no qualms about it.
Yet I do... and so reality is... life for me would be much easier if McCoy went to school full time.
In saying that though... easy isnt always better.
And I get super excited planning our school days.

After prayer... and many anxious nights.... and some enamel that has been grinded off my teeth
We decided to  homeschool again for first grade.
McCoy is doing so well at her co-op academically and socially.
 She loves being at home... cooking,gardening and doing yoga with me.
She cant wait to learn how to sew!
I think we are in for a great year.

This coming year.. I have some goals to get more organized.
Specifically... a functional space for us... some drawers to organize my lessons out a week ahead of time.
I also will be needing to have my assistant help me more with PPP...
to do things like ship packages and respond to emails.
We will make it work.

We have a lot of fun planned for first grade.... 
and we are hoping Italia continues with her 3-4 hour long naps...
I confirmed our decision by ordering curriculum...
and I am really excited.

Some Homeschooling inspirations :


  1. Brilliant post, I love all the pictures and planning. Good luck with home schooling, you will do fabulous again ♥

  2. Welcome to the club of unlikely homeschoolers!!! We started out schooling at home s that we could remain that when God said "move" we could get up and go. i will be schooling 4 out of the 6 next year!! We've homeschooled out of our van, in a normal suburbian neighborhood, out in the country, in hotel rooms, all over the place..and now-in a villiage in PNG, we've tried all kinds of curriculum and is AMAZING what God will do if you stay sensitive to His children can read! which is a miracle to me!! It's ALL God! He will show you the way! i'm SO excited for you!!! and your precious girls (who will be getting a PRIMO education- just wait!) xoxo tiffanyC

  3. thanks Tina for the encouragment... and Tiffany... thats so cool you stuck with it through all the changes you guys have been through- you inspire me!