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Lately Ive been getting lots of emails from new customers asking how in the world do they get the new PPP on post nights in time? Are there tricks, they ask? While there are not really tricks.. there are definitely strategy's! And the locals are pretty experienced :) 

Here are some tips for shopping on post nights!

1. Follow our blog- this is by far the most important thing. I will post all info about time and date here first.... along with sneak peeks so you can have your eyes ready for those special items.

2. Be Friends with PPP on Facebook.- Another great resource for seeing updates, and also seeing links added up from etsy as they are posted.

3. Twitter- I am not a full bore tweeter... but I do post links on twitter as well on etsy post nights!

4. Check out FAST- This is really important. If you have something in your cart, it can be pulled from your cart and bought while you are still browsing at other items... that is a very common complaint.
if you think you want multiple items and are feeling like you cant make your decision fast enough...do multiple transactions closing out one by one.. and I will refund you combined shipping at the end of the night.

5. Reserve is your best friend-  If you anticipate being slow, for example you are shopping from your iPhone and you know the odds are stacked against you, just simply shoot me an email through etsy or on face book link and ask me to reserve it for you after the item is posted. This will take the angst away and allow you to close out without the stress of someone grabbing it from under you. { I do ask however that all reserves are closed out by the end of the night.. unless otherwise discussed with me.. and please only reserve if you are 100% sure you want the item }

I also get asked every sneak peek night to reserve items that were shown before they are posted. I  can not do this because it is not fair to everyone else who might be tuning in for that particular item.. so its gotta be posted first before any reserves can be made.

6. If all else fails- Remember we do daily doses through out the week at random times... . & you can also order a custom and play it safe. :) 

The  downside to one of a kind items  is that you win some you lose some. trust me.. i wished i had one of your favorites for each and every one of you.

Hope these tips help your PPP-Game!

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