Coming out of a dry spell-

I feel the seasons are shifting...
I am coming out of a dry spell.
This spiritual dry spell is one I have entirely blamed on being a busy mother.
But gosh.. that sounds terrible....
Yet my walk with God felt stronger when I was lonely.... I was able to focus so much more on the word. My prayers were longer-deeper- more moving.

Inspired recently by this book called Body By God.
I decided its time to make drastic changes... like NOW!
The author Dr Lerner is a man who has almost obsessively micro managed every hour of his day and writes a book on maximizing your life. While this super detailed schedule may sound awful to those of you spontaneous spirits out there.
I was strangely interested.... 

I came to an understanding.. that with all that is on my plate.. if I don't have a schedule.
My work will swallow me up.. I will have no boundaries.
which results in nothing left over for myself... nothing left for God.
all leading to a dry spell... where I find myself truly believing I have no time.
When in truth.. I really do.. I just haven't been a good steward with it.

To give you an idea.. I normally wake up at 8am..
The kids wake up with me- so I don't typically get a morning shower till noon.
Which really should be my work time.. since that is when Italia naps.
I would hurry through the day with this anxiousness about me.
One task seemed to rob from another.
brushing my hair had become a luxury.
at the end of the day...  you guessed it.... exhausted.

Not only does the Body by God book have personal time charts and goals.
which I am just so geeky about. I love that kind of stuff.
Its also touches on delegating to others the things you don't have time to do.
Being frugal... this has been a huge lesson for me.
I have resisted hiring a maid and an assistant  for many years
because I feared about dipping into our income.
Yet... by not getting a maid and an assistant, I have drastically slowed down the growth of my business
by trying to do it all , alone.
And don't even get me started on what that did to my health and stress levels.
You cant put a price on your health.

So last night I outlined my new schedule.
I woke up this morning at 5am with my husband.
It was great to see him in the Am.... I'm not used to that.
We had a cup of coffee together and I read the bible.
When he left for work... I rolled out my yoga mat and listened to this song over and over with my ear phones on.... and just worshipped God..

Holding Nothing Back by Jesus Culture on Grooveshark

Now its 6am... and I'm feeling centered and stoked.
I then do yoga for half an hour, do some rebounding exercises
and some kettle bells., some sit ups and push ups.
Now its 7am. 

The house is still quiet... even the dogs are asleep.
I hop in the shower.
wash my hair, blow dry, curl and put on makeup.?
get dressed and now its 7:40.

Kids are still asleep.
I have twenty more minutes.
I put on the sprinklers out front, water the grass, feed the dogs and start making breakfast.

8 am.... my girls wake up... and I am excited to see them
and ready to talk to them. They love to talk.
I feel alive.. renewed.... ready!

The rest of my day is compartmentalized....
there are hours for homeschooling,
time for emails,
time for designing, sewing and blogging.
time for eating, time for playing... and even carved out time for "play dates" for the kids

I'm a creature of change.. so I'm sure i will mix this schedule up come summer...
Of course.. we cant plan our lives out entirely.. as Dr Ben Lerner put it... 
there are times we need to change lanes... for emergencies etc.
but to not have a schedule at all is like a five car pile up everyday.

This is Day 1....
so I am just praying I can continue to do what it takes to get in bed earlier
so I can start my day off right at 5am.

I am learning, The early bird really does get the worm.


  1. I have to say, I was doing a schedule like that and my life, my schoolwork, everything went so much more smoothly. I am motivated to get back on this. Thank you for sharing; I'm so glad you're having such a good day :)

  2. 5am is so admirable. I really need to start getting up earlier as well. your message is so convicting! my problem is that i can't seem to get to bed at a decent hour in the evening. love your blog and am looking forward to hearing more about this schedule of yours!

  3. this post just blew my mind.

    thank you.

  4. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!! This sounds exactly like my life! I stay at home with two year old twin boys and my husband and I have a goat ranch where there is always sooo much to get done; not to mention all my "mom and wife duties"! I've been waking up with the boys at 8ish as well and I know that I know that I know, that I need to make a BIG change because I never have time to devote to the Lord either.... I'm wanting to go get this book! You rock Shauna! I will pray that you can keep the discipline for this because I believe it's so worth it for us busy mommas!

  5. Awesome to hear that the schedule works out well for you! I think something that tedious would just stress me out though, I work 8:30 - 5, spend 45 min going in on the train and back on the train and by the time I get home I just want to kick back and relax...and sleep of course. However, i don't have kids so that gives me a bit more lee-way. Good luck with day 2!