The other day when I went to trash a pile of papers I had in my hand.... I felt an immediate "no" from God. I looked through the stash in my hands once more.. to find a little Daily bread booklet that was given to me by my tax accountant. I almost dismissed the "no" I heard... because I had my own internal dialogue.. "I have the bible.. and a million other books.. I wont read this". But again.. I heard "no". I decided not to mess with such clear instructions and placed it on my dresser.

It was kinda bugging me right there, me being a little on the OCD side. The last thing I wanted was more paper trails in my house... and we all know how one paper can start attracting more of the same. So I then later moved it into the bathroom where the stacks of magazines were..... It was funny this restlessness I had with it. It was just a small booklet.

Well.... When I went to read my bible for the day, my thoughts were re-directed instantly to the Daily Bread booklet again. Giving in... I went to the bathroom and grabbed it and brought it back to the kitchen table.. where I sat.... and quickly flipped it open....  now expectantly...

I opened it up to April 15th-  here is what it said......


When my ophthalmologist says, “Be still,” I am still. I don’t argue. I don’t become defiant. I don’t stay busy behind his back. Why? Because he is a renowned eye surgeon who is trying to preserve my sight, and he needs my cooperation. I would be foolish to ignore his instructions.
So why am I not as cooperative in matters of spiritual stillness? God considers rest so important that He built it into the rhythm of life. Without rest we can’t see clearly; we begin to see ourselves as more important than we are.
After Elijah’s stressful confrontation with Ahab and Jezebel, he ran himself into a state of exhaustion. God sent an angel to care for him. During a time of stillness, “the word of the Lord came to him” (1 Kings 19:9). Elijah thought he alone was doing God’s work. He had been so zealous that he didn’t know that 7,000 others hadn’t bowed to Baal (v.18).
Some of us may fear what will happen if we sit still and stop working. But something worse happens when we refuse to rest. Without rest we cannot be spiritually or physically healthy. God heals while we rest. Just as I needed stillness so that my eye could heal, we all need stillness so that God can keep our spiritual vision clear.
Christ never asks of us such busy labor
That leaves no time for resting at His feet.
The waiting attitude of expectation,
He often counts a service most complete. —Anon.
Our greatest strength may be our ability
to stand still and trust God.
I highlighted the words that spoke straight to my heart..  I never thought it was fear that kept me from truly resting.... being still before God. But when I gave it more thought... it is true.. there was fear in my restlessness... fear that if I rested... my work would pile up, fear that if I napped.. I would lose my time, fear that if I took a day off..... I would be super stressed the following day trying to play catch up. 

Because I have a unique sounds brutal to most people that I havent really taken an entire day off since PPP begun. I work a full time job like many of you... but I dont work 8 hours a day. Most of my days are spent with my children.. with a generous nap time in the middle where I power out as much work as I can. I try to answer quick and easy emails through out the day .... but most of my work is done at night and on the weekends. Im sure it sounds awful to not have a single day off.... yet I dont feel over worked..... but I do miss that "YAY... its the weekend" feeling! I think if you were to clock all my hours through out the week... I probably work a 40 hour week.. like most of you do...   I just have to be creative in how I put that time in... since I have little ones at home that need me during the weekdays.

 In short...well kind-of short.

This daily bread article got me to think a bit more seriously about the sabbath and being obedient to Gods word... not with a legalistic attitude.... but rather that there must be wisdom behind a day of rest.. if the creator of the universe rested on the 7th day. As of last week... I decided to implement this day of rest into my schedule.... and I already made a few mistakes... by accidentally checking my email on my iPhone and logging on to facebook. I don't consider facebook recreational... because it leads to work... since I use facebook for PPP. I might hop on there to write someone a quick message and before I know it... I am answering work related emails....  so I was perplexed.. what do I do?

Id like to de-program my way of being on sunday. I'm thinking about unplugging totally.. even the phone.  {Anyone ever done that ?} I'd like to spend a day electronics free- soaking in my family, the gorgeous day, and taking in intentionally more of God and his beautiful creation... smelling flowers, hiking, laying in the sun for a picnic.... writing a hand written letter... cuddling with my children, going to the lake... you name it. I might even go so far as to say.... the laundry can wait too. 

I asked God that he would renew me come Monday... to be able to catch up... because that was the initial fear that I would be majorly overwhelmed.  I know that God has a way of multiplying our time... when we dedicate it to him.. and do the first things first. I feel like even though I read his word everyday... I am not finding the time to meditate on his word... I want to rely on him... and trust in his ways.  I want to reconnect with a new flow.... that is consistent and healthy and healing. I am excited....

So if you wonder why my customer service seems awful on Sundays--- just know... I am soaking up God...and Ill be with you full force with renewed strength on Monday.

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  1. love this post!!! we all need rest and sunday i the day to do it!!! my family doesn't do a thing on sunday!! be lazy and eat a good meal!!