3 new Daily Doses-

This morning getting up at 5am was a bit more challenging... but i rolled out of bed anyway.
and DID IT.
Ironically... many of todays proverbs were about " the lazy man".
Ahem..... it felt good to be on the other side of that description this morning.
Today I did sit ups, lunges, push ups, bench dips and side raises and planks.
I was concentrating on my core. I need to strengthen it.
In my alone time with God... I listened to this song over and over and
worshipped God. I love hillsong.
{ i love their spanish version too }

From the inside out (Acoustic) by Hillsong on Grooveshark

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Yowsers! - More PPP Coming this weekend. :)

**I have a question for those of you early risers? How long before waking up this early can become a habit? I was so tired yesterday in the evening... but forced myself not to take a nap... because I wanted to be tired enough to get myself in bed by 9pm. { thats the hardest part }


  1. i have honestly never gotten used to waking up super-early. some days are easier than others i suppose. it definitely helps though to lie down, just for 10 mins. or so, in the middle of the day.

  2. Barbara ThukralFriday, April 27, 2012

    I have been doing it for 6 weeks or so. I would not have said I was "used to it" a week ago, but this week I had the privilege to sleep in Thursday/Friday, and was up at 5:15 (only 15 minutes later than my norm) both days. So, I guess it took me just over a month. I guess it's a blessing and a curse. Great to be productive on those mornings, but bad when I can no longer sleep in when given the chance!