What we wore. { yes. its really happening }

I told you I was going to start posting more" what we wore blogs"... here is the start of them!
We were super stoked to meet up with some of our friends from back home for lunch in Gruene.. they were in town from Ca. for SXSW in Austin.... 

Me: PPP Upcycled Mumu Dress with Bell Sleeves, Jeggings and nine west boots, Bow Bracelet by Taylor sue for you. PPP Sling Bag.
Donnie: Pearl Snap, Gap Denim, Cons
McCoy: PPP Upcycled Dress, Gold Shine toms
Italia: Vintage Blouse, PPP Tiered Bloomers, Bow Sneakers

A couple Questions I was asked today.

Q. What happened to your red hair?
A. It washed out rather quickly. I am in the "transitional color now"... which changes everyday and depending on the lighting with my camera can look anywhere from blonde, ashey, brown and even some pops of red still. I'm going to get my hair done next week and I'm still a bit undecided on what to do. I loved the red... but I don't have the time to get my hair done every two weeks. Do any of you fake red heads have this problem as well?

Q. Do you have any more of those Mumu Dress tops?
A. I do in fact.. I bought three. Kept one for muah. I will complete the other two in the next couple of weeks... they are different patterns but similar style! So stay tuned.

Oh Gosh.. is tomorrow really Monday already ????


  1. I've been told that red is the fastest hair color to fade. AND I love your dress.

  2. Argh I just LOVE this outfit!! that top is amazing. Think i need one :)