What we wore...

We were outside enjoying the gorgeous day Texas has given us.... when Donnie and I were talking about how if we finished the Studio wall with something cool like tin or a cool paint it could be a nice little backdrop for outdoor PPP shots. We were dreaming up what color,texture etc we wanted the wall to be... when we realized this would the last time we had to look at this eye sore of a barn. I cant believe how fast this is moving. Its really happening. Well folks... for " memory sake" we decided to snap some shots in front of it today. Good thing too- now you can see what we wore today. Yip.

Hair: Just done yesterday by Andrea @William Edge Salon ::: Love this girl... she is a hair genius!
Tanktop: Sassafrass Art : My BFF's hand painted wearables.
Pants: PPP Bloomers { I have a really cute pair being posted saturday}
Shoes: American Eagle Slipper Mocs...
Necklace: Custom Wood Necklace by Violet Bella. { Yes.. those are pictures of my kids} it is a treasure.
Bracelets: Wooden Cuffs by Kelly Sparkles

PPP Kids Oxy
Stretch Pants
Old Navy Ballet Slipper Shoes
Kitty Ears.... but ofcourse!

Tier Tank: Old Navy  {they are having a tanktop sale right now }
PPP Upcycled Knee Patch Pants
Bow Shoes.

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