PPP-In the trenches

Years ago- a friend said that PPP was "in the trenches" aka... underground... roots... home style!I liked that... it stuck. PPP has been ran outta laundry rooms, hallways and even storage units. PPP has been sewn in between nursing babies, homeschooling kiddos and moving from Ca to Tx.The fact that PPP has stuck... and held its own all these years... is a miracle from God, really. Donnie and I are people of change, lots of moves, lots of new adventures always, but PPP has remained. PPP has a purpose. Before PPP was ever bringing in much of an income, I always had the support of my husband. He never once encouraged me to quit.. or even complained it cramped his lifestyle {which trust me... I'm sure it has}. He has willingly took pictures of me before I had models, helped me cut squares before I had an assistant and spent many of his weekends running PPP related errands. This man has really been the backbone of PPP. Without him, I would never have been able to run PPP and still take good care of my kids. I am beyond thankful... really....really.. thankful. 
As of recent..... we have a project underway that is literally going to be life changing.This dilapidated barn, garage.. whatever you want to call it.. has been sitting there like an eyesore in our backyard... just begging for new life. My Step Dad and Husband have teamed up to transform it into my PPP Studio. It will house my sewing space, computer space, racks, patterns, fabrics and photo booth. I will have nothing work related in my home, which will bring peace to my home, and a nice much needed separation between work and family time. Donnie has dedicated his every weekend to this project and will soon be done...I cant wait to show you guys the "after" pictures!

 And Tune in Saturday at 5pm Tx Time for New PPP.


  1. Aww yay! SO fun. I'm so happy for you! Before I moved into my current home, I have a little nook for my studio. It was a corner in the living room, and it was so hard! NOW I have my own room for a studio, and it's so much nicer. I can say "bye" to everyone, and go to work!

  2. i am sooo jealous, but like you i do have an cool hubby helping out to, even though im still small, hopefully to be big one day. but im still glad to atleast have a basment all to my self... but im soo happy for you, you have a wonderful family and godbless...

  3. rachel... i want to see your studio! exciting stuff isnt it?
    Jennifer- thank you! A helpful husband is a blessing isnt it. glad you have a basement.. thats awesome!