Make PPP $- Go Green-and Support the Lifestyle!

What if I told you there is a "simple" thing you could do that would allow you to earn PPP $$, go- green, and support the PPP lifestyle? It's very easy.... and is as simple as NOT throwing the PPP business card or hang tag away when you receive a new item. Here are some thoughts.

* I like to keep my costs down so I don't have to raise prices for customers, so I am not a "fancy" shipper.If you shop PPP regularly, you already know.. a PPP item comes folded up with a hang tag and business card... and sometimes a little note about policy if you are a new customer. While I enjoy receiving beautifully wrapped purchases... I know that I am essentially paying for them as a customer. I also like the focus to be on the item purchased.. and hopefully that brings so much joy- that no bead,feather,tissue wrap or bow will be missed.  { if you run a business than you know.. those are additional costs that bleed into the asking price for the item....  also with the volume of sales PPP makes per week... hand wrapping each item would slow us down drastically... leaving less time for creating new product.

* In saying that.. I even wince at the idea of throwing business cards and hang tags in regular customers packages, knowing that they don't need their "300th" business card... and clearly it will wind up in the trash. Lets face it.. I don't expect any of you to collect these things... and If we are being honest.. who really keeps every single business card? Unless you are my child's Pediatrician.. you can bet.. Ive thrown your card away... sorry.. but its true...

*So that has me thinking... what can we do with these business cards and hang tags  that come in every package?- well.... here is the idea!
-hand over your extra business cards to the person who compliments you on your new PPP.
-hand over your extra business card to a friend
-keep them in your wallet and be ready for that "compliment"

Did you know that every time someone new shops PPP, if they mention you who sent them.. you get 10% off your next item? and that 10% can add up.. if you are really hard out there reppin' for PPP. If you bring in five new people one week and they all buy something.. you will have 50% off your next item. 

For some of you regulars who are honest enough to admit...{ and I appreciate your honesty } don't want to share PPP for the worry that there will be EVEN more competition than there already is in snagging new items on post day..... check out these facts! As business grows... there will be only MORE PPP for everyone. For example.. last year I was making 20 things per week.. that is all I could afford to make. This year I am making 34 new items per week.... So the more people that shop PPP .. the more PPP I am able to make....

By sharing PPP... you are only increasing the opportunity of more, detailed and wonderfully made items.... more expensive fabrics and cool details that you enjoy... also the more sales we make, the more help I am able to hire, to make things run smoother- including faster shipping, quicker communication to your questions, faster turn around time on custom orders etc. Its truly a win-win.Not to mention... every time you share the word.. you are hugely blessing me and my family.. allowing me to work from home, homeschool my children and continue to share my gifts and talents with you all.

I am humbled by your support and you all hugely bless me... If you were standing right here in front of me- Id be hugging all of your necks! Thank you! Thank you .. Thank you! So lets Go- Green! shall we?

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  1. This is such a good idea, Shauna!I think I have your business card in my purse, so next time someone compliments me on your beautiful dress I have, then I'll pass it on ;)

    I can't believe you would find the time to make 34 items a week- that is crazy! I wish I could actually do that!

    You're such an awesome person, and I hope your business continues to grow <3 xx