Around Here....

Sister love.

We have some drama too.

 trampoline fun....

 Slip n Slide fun & fruit smoothies

 Behind the scenes of the Jamie Harper PPP lookbook shoot.

 Having fun with this book.

Random News!

-McCoy is excited for her slumber party at Grandmas house tonight.

-Italia is wearing training pants around the house, because she is obsessed with taking her diaper off and sitting on the froggy potty... nothing consistent happening... but she is interested.

-The PPP Studio renovation is near completion.... eeek!

-Feeling an urge to get my homeschool nook set up for next year. Thinking of a big cabinet of some sort, any ideas send them over please!

- really craving yoga again after watching this super inspiring video.

Donnie and I couldnt get enough of these funny videos here and here.

Locals: Be sure to go to Gruene Trading Co to get first dibs on the new PPP they just got in!


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