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The Sun can do amazing things, cant it? When the sun starts to come out.... I feel energized, ready to adventure outside, do new activities and projects.... the sun makes me happy.... we have been soaking up lots of vitamin D lately. And even though I have been terribly behind in my regular PPP posts, I have had a more restful week than usual.... which has been very therapeutic for me and much needed.

 The other day we took a break from our regular homeschooling worksheets and in one hour, I taught McCoy how to tell time. I would say the time outloud and she would move the hour and minute hand. I remember learning to tell time was very difficult for me as a child... so it made me very happy that McCoy caught on so quickly. The joys of homeschooling....
 This is the way I have been eating lately. I have always considered myself a " healthy eater".... but as of late I have been super mindful to make sure that 80% of my diet consists of vegetables... Since I found out I am allergic to dairy I have been researching new ways to get my daily calcium. What I have learned is that animal protein is NOT the best way to get calcium, iron and protein. Im reading this book right now. I couldnt be more inspired.  Check out these facts:

1 Cup of Collard Greens : 133% of Vit A, 64% of  Vit C, 50% of iron, 28% Calcium
1 Cup of Cooked Quinoa:  52% Calcium, 48g Protein
 Well friends, today.... we will edit the new PPP and get it ready for fridays post.... we will read some books on our pallet bed, blow bubbles on our trampoline, hit the gym and do a trillion loads of laundry.A day in the life....
Oh! & We got a new etsy banner!!! Thanks Jaime! Go take a look-skeee!  xo.

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