McCoy is a bookworm... everywhere we go.. she brings a bunch of books so she can read. Through out the day you will hear her humming,singing,whistling and reading... it is never quiet around these parts.

 We jam out to this awesome Cd in our car.... the kids love it. Aunt Misty buys the kids thoughtful and fun gifts.
 Italia never leaves the house without her "blankey" and her pacifier. She loves to cuddle and enjoys naps. She will tell you " night night" when she is tired. I love watching her sleep. She is so beautiful.
 Italia likes to put her food in several different bowls and plates and then eat from each of them.. its weird... and more dishes to do at the end of the day... but she eats everything and is putting on weight... so we have given in. Italia is almost two... but very small for her age. McCoy was always small at this age too so we are trying not  to worry about it... in the meantime... we are feeding her as much as we can.
 These little Spanish magnets are pretty cool. My fridge is such a clutter zone of magnets, to-do lists, meal lists and my gym schedule.
 Love these Intagram Magnets....  what a great idea. Thanks StickyGram!
 McCoy has officially ditched her pull ups... and Italia is peeing in the froggy potty { not all the time.. but when we are home... she wants to use it } they are growing up way too fast. Italia will be 2 years old Feb 12th. Cliche to say... but feels like just yesterday she was just born.
 McCoy is my nurturer... she is a care-giver by nature. She finds the child crying in the corner.. makes friends with them, prays for them and calls them honey. She wants to be a big girl. She loves lip gloss, drawing, ballet and everything pink. McCoy is thriving at school. THRIVING. We love her Co-op and are so thankful for such a great year of homeschooling. I really didn't think I had it in me.. to be patient and "smart" enough to home school my kids. Not to brag...{ but here i go } everywhere we go.. people comment that she is gifted and so ahead. God has been so gracious to me.... and I believe God is encouraging me... that where I come up short in academics or parenting... he will fill in the blanks. I'm so proud of my almost 6 year old and her beautiful heart and character.
 Italia.... my little feisty one. Her facial expressions will crack you up. She has massive personality. She is rough and tumble. She will fall down and get back up without crying. She is quite opposite of her very sensitive sister... Italia is very coordinated and very active... she uses few words...but her face will tell you everything. She doesn't like to be held unless she is really tired... she wants to run.... !  She is constantly messing up her sisters beautifully decorated and organized barbie house. Italia is the funny one of the family... she keeps us laughing... and cleaning.

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