Snuggled up.

My little booger is sick. The good thing is her fever has subsided today. Last night she woke up with a bloody nose... she is having a rough winter. The Pediatrician says she has RSV which is just viral and no antibiotics were needed.. thank God. We are just filling her system right now with lots of Vit C, probiotics and green drinks. Its super sad to watch your tiny baby cough and struggle to breathe. The worst part is it is her birthday tomorrow.... We had a small party planned for her at our house... which we had to postpone.

I am way behind on emails,customs and the outside world. I asked my husband today, "Would it bother you to have a wife that never left the house".. he smirked... knowing how very capable I am of that. All this down time snuggling with my babies and just attending to them.... cuddling in blankets...taking naps and making lots of green drinks.... has me pretty exhausted about even the thought of ever leaving this house again.

If you happen to read this and your email is one I haven't responded too,, please know you are not alone. I am going to try to catch up slowly but surely. I also am going to be a few days to maybe a week late on customs. So Sorry.

Tomorrow... I will offer up a pretty rad sale in honor of Italias birthday. Enter Code: Italiais2 
Everything 40% off { does not include customs } * Sale is for Feb 12th only *

And Yes... we are still on for a New PPP post come Monday. Thank God I have my sweet assistant Taylor. 

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