Princess Ball

Had to post these adorable photos of Donnie and McCoy heading out for the princess ball last week. So cute. They had a wonderful time... McCoy felt like a princess.

 The last few days.... we have all gotten sick. Many of our friends have pnuemonia, bronchitis and strep. We are thanking God we all just feel achey and terrible... but with none of the above. Its lovely here in Texas this time of year. { insert: major sarcasm } I know many people are sick all over the world with the flu in many states.. { as my mom continues to remind me.. because she is the ultimate Texas cheerleader... but I have never seen so many sick people at one time in all my life.... its like every family has their very own breathing treatment kit. I never even had strep throat in my life or heard of a breathing treatment till we moved here.... the concrete jungle of California is sounding real good right now.

So over being sick.  Oh and yes... Poor Italia has still yet to celebrate her birthday... we had to cancel it the second time around....  booo :(


  1. I take Lysine when I start to feel sick it's REALLY helpful. I haven't been sick in almost 3 years and I used to get a couple bad colds every year!

  2. We too are an incredibly healthy family...but this year since it has been such a mild winter...the environment has taken a toll on us ie pollen and mold. I believe my Florida and your Texas have a lot in common weather wise. Stay strong!

  3. Hi there! Just stopping over from Sew Beastly after reading your Etsy tips. Thanks so much for sharing them! I just opened my Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago, and you'll probably laugh, but I am feeling somewhat frustrated that I haven't had more sales yet. Which I know is ridiculous after a couple of week's time?! But anyways, your tip to keep at it and know that Rome wasn't built in a day is an awesome reminder. I guess I just struggle with knowing if anyone will like what I am doing? Anyways, thanks for the tips and happy to have found your blog. Have a great weekend!