Pearl Snap "HYPE"

The thrift stores got the "memo" that pearl snaps were super cool.... and decided to hike their prices from 3.99  to 19.99.


There is now a little Vintage section... where they are pulling all the super cool vtg items and marking up their prices. what is thrift store shopping coming too? I want to rebel against this crazy price they are asking... but quite honestly... I cant totally let go of the Pearl Snap awesome-ness. In order to keep a few them around... I did have to raise the prices on these babies by a few dollars to cover my costs.. but even still Im making slim pickings on them with the huge cost. Im sorry. If you have been a customer of PPP for some time now.. you know.. I take pride in keeping my prices low and I hardly ever raise them. I want very much to stay comparable to places like urban outfitters and the like... because even though all of my items are handmade { not in a factory } like UO.... we share the same " kind of customer" who enjoys being able to get a couple things for under a $100-. I strive hard for this and will continue. The Pearl Snap " hype" has made it difficult to do. Even Still.... at $46... these pearl snap oxys are still totally worth it!

Oh... and if your thrift shops are "cooler" than mine... and you can snag a good deal on yours... you can send in your very own Pearl Snap and have it customized here for only 30. 

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  1. just stumbled upon your blog! very creative style!!