Homeschooling... our way.

I love this picture below because it truly captures " us". My kids... half dressed... McCoy whistling... doing school. I love that she can whistle and be shirtless... only at home could we pull that off during school. There is something to be said about that kind of freedom.... and comfort when learning. I love it.

Some People have asked WHEN I find the time to home school McCoy with a spunky "almost" two year old running around. Truthfully: I put Italia in her highchair..... and see how long I can get away with it. Sure there are tons of distractions... { but there are distractions in school too } and learning to move with those has been part of the process. Italia loves to make messes....and doesn't like to be in her high chair much... so I try to keep her busy with play dough, stickers, crayons,books. Half way through... Italia takes her morning nap at 10am  most days... and sleeps like a dream... typically about 3 hours straight. I'm very blessed.... and also curious as to when this wonderful nap streak might end. eeeek! Then I will need plan B. { whatever that is }

When Italia wakes up... we are done with school. Which is perfect. Then we usually take a walk with Jefe... or play outside { weather permitting } The last couple of weeks have been much too cold.

So here is a quick Jist:

7:30 Kids are up.
I make breakfast.
We eat. I drink Coffee.
I read my bible { Im learning how to read with noise in the background... its an acquired Mama skill}
One of these days.. Ill get up earlier and do my bible time while the house is still asleep... but until then.
Italia throws food on the floor... and McCoy does a couple handwriting worksheets.
We then discuss our bible verse of the day... which usually leads to interesting conversation...

Two days out of the week.. McCoy attends a homeschooling co-op... they focus on Math, Science and some reading.

When McCoy is home for the remaining three days a week.
We do a bible story with Q&A. { Abeka }
Phonics. { Hooked on Phonics }
Math { Horizon }
Elective: This is usually something new everyday, cooking class, reading a story together, arts and crafts,
trampoline exercises and or yoga, puzzles, etc.

Next Year: If we continue to homeschool.. { which I hope and pray we do }.. I would like to organize a more functional nook... in my already super small house... for homeschooling. If any of you homeschooling Moms are good with organizing small spaces,, Id love to hear any suggestions. I am envisioning a huge cabinet of some sort... so its not all "hanging" out.... and we have a somewhat normal looking house. Who I am kidding.... normal. You know what I mean.

Have a lovely day. xo


  1. Where there's a will there's a way:)Praying about the homeschooling option currently--we have two in public school first & third--and I teach part time at a jr. high--which is changing next year--what to do, what to do--I'm sure you will work it all out! That kind of freedom is one of the things that excites me about the hs thing: )

  2. i love reading about your homeschooling and i really admire you for doing it. :) and i love when little kids color! look at that concentration!

  3. What a little cutey patooty she is! I love the clothing featured on this site, new follower :)

    xo Shane

  4. I stumbled across your blog while trying to find a new homeschooling blog to add to my reading list, but man do I hate a blog with music!!! Why do bloggers do this?? Not everyone shares your taste in music and usually I have my own music or podcast or something I am trying to listen to and then when I go to a blog with music, I back out and never return. Lose the music, gain readers! Simple as that.

  5. dear anonymous- I find it weird that you and your comment and anonymous. thank you for your unsolicited advice.

    I have thought about taking the music down- because im getting a blog makeover in a couple weeks...
    but just know "if i do " it has nothing to do with your comment. i make my own decisions... because this is my blog... and if i want music, i will keep it.

    ps. i dont care about the number of readers of my blog... but rather the quality. and these kinds of comments id rather not have!

    policing the world is stressful. take it easy on yourself.


  6. Oh Boy! I promise I won't complain about YOUR blog that "I" VOLUNTARILY visited:) I have been meaning to email you forever about the first grade Abeka readers. I still have them and would be happy to loan them to you for McCoy next year. Hope you are well.The blog looks great. Glad to see homeschooling is going well. The freedom is awesome. The great education without the political and social indoctrination is even better!! Hope to talk to you soon.