My home is Hermosa Beach. I can think of a million reasons why NOT to love California anymore.  {and I wont list them here because I do have a long list } Yet at the end of the day ... it is home. I grew up there... smelling the ocean, surfing,swimming, wearing flip flops .. shopping at trader joes.... its just home.. and I cant even help but feel that way. Today... I admit, I am a little home sick. I am sure I am only home sick today because the allergies have been terrible in Texas the last couple of weeks..... and once it passes I'm sure I will love Texas again... but today... if someone offered to pack up our house and move us right out of here.. I just might take the offer.

I miss the ocean too- I really miss the ocean. {Sigh}. Did I mention, I realllllllly miss the ocean? Today.. I am going to take it easy.... I feel like when the kids nap..I should listen to some of these sermons my neighbor texted me. I am feeling dis-content today and I know that is not from the Lord.


  1. i actually grew up in houston only 20 mins. from the beach. we went a couple times a week, and also every weekend. now i'm land-locked in pennsylvania. :( so i absolutely know how you feel. <3

  2. Hi there, these are lovely photos. I kind of know how you feel. I live in the UK and was born and bred in London. I live about 15 miles away now, but sometimes it feels like a different world (don't laugh!!). I know 15 miles is nothing really, but for such a small country, things seem to change a lot over very small distances. Honestly:) Hope you feel happier again soon. Vic x