Dearest Italia,

Dearest Italia,

You are two today. Time has already flown by much too quickly to truly take inventory of the fact that my baby is now a toddler. Let me start by saying this... my love for you and your sister is endless... and "endless" seems so unsatisfactory when describing it. My heart hurts so much with this overwhelming love that I often wonder if there is another love in this entire world as strong.The love I feel for you... brings me to my knees... with great humility. Knowing that our great God created you for a specific purpose.. and that he loves you and your sister more than my human-ness knows how... that is such a hard fact to grasp. Before I ever met your Daddy.. I used to imagine myself as a Mama... and I knew that one day if the Lord blessed me with children... it would be the greatest gift in life. Now looking back.. I had not even the slightest clue.. how much you and your sister could and would change my life for the better. You guys are everything to me.

Dearest Italia..  as I think of you growing up in this big world... I pray desperately for the Lord in your life. Life can be hard at times.... but God has overcome this world... so don't ever give up hope. All of your sufferings in this life.. will be sure to develop the kind of character God desires for you. All of your sorrows can be turned into joy for the Lord... he will use even the things we tend to think are useless for his glory. When you experience suffering.. just know that you are truly unable to comfort anyone else in their suffering without experiencing your own... your deepest sorrows will bring great testimony to his name... and you will be a blessing to others because of it. Hold on sweet girl.... it will get better. God will never leave your or forsake you.

And Joy... Italia there is so much Joy to experience here on earth.. so much. Soak it up... and smile. Be thankful for the joy... and remember to give thanks to the one who brought it. Never underestimate the power of a smile and sweet words. God says that these things are healing to the bones...  You have a lot of joy to share... never hold back... out of fear of being vulnerable with others. Your vulnerability will bring you the truest friendships. Don't worry about the ones your vulnerability scares away. Always be yourself. You were fearfully and wonderfully made... there is only one like you.... treasure that. Dont accept counterfeit ideals of beauty and worldly standards of happiness.. they are lies... that rob you of the real thing. Dream big... and persevere.... and be an encourager.... help build up others.. thats what you were made to do.

Now.. There will be intelligent people in this world that give you all kinds of eloquent advice.. it may sound lovely and even logical. Just remember... God has chosen the foolish things of this world to shame the wise. It may sound great... but choose not to lean on your own understanding.  As you make decisions in your life.. always consult God first and you will find that your life will bear much fruit. You need not feel anxious or stressed about the outcome regardless of what it may be because you will know God has brought you to this or that place. There may people who don't agree with decisions you make or what path you are on...  that is okay... and many of times it means you have made the right decision. If you believe God has called you to the place where you are.. never shrink back.. but stay strong. Remember.. you were not designed to please everyone... pleasing God is what matters.

 My love.... do not live life in fear.. there are so many things to fear in this crazy world. The world is not a safe place... but you are not OF this world. You are set apart.. you are his. Fear is sin... and it can do terrible things to the body... and ones life. Trusting God to deal with your fears can be challenging... but God will never forsake you. He is faithful and you can trust him.

Lastly... please know... Your Daddy and I love you more than I could ever describe here in words. We are human, we may fail you in areas... that makes me very sad that it has to be this way. Just know that when Daddy and I mess up... we pray that God will continue to fill in the gaps so that you have everything you need to live life abundantly. So while we make our greatest efforts in leading you in the way you should go... all of your successes and glories need be given to God.. who is and will continue to intercede for us... in this journey of parenting. And Because you are human babygirl, just know its perfectly normal to mess up too, its going to happen here and there.... dont let a failure defeat you... but rather teach you. People who dream big... will make lots of mistakes along the way because they try to do things that others are too afraid to do. Just remember, Gods mercies are new every morning.. You were made to do great things.. let your light shine Italia for all the world to see.

I love you more than all the stars, Happy 2nd Birthday.
Your Mommy


  1. Beautiful. The way a mama loves her babes is art.

  2. outstanding tribute from a beautiful mama to an adorable baby girl.