Daddy Daughter Dates!

 Aren't they the cutest? We took these pictures last year when McCoy an Daddy went on their first date. McCoy loves to dress up and feel "big" and the uninterrupted time for her to talk and be heard by her Daddy is priceless. Tonight.... at our church.. they are hosting a Princess Ball. We knew right away that McCoy would want to attend. What five year old girl wouldn't? McCoy has her dress hung, tights and slippers set aside... just watching the passing minutes. Tonight will be a special night for her and Daddy.. Ill be sure to take pictures before they leave.

Meanwhile... back at the Hursh Ranch. Italia is sick... and her birthday is this weekend. Major bummer.She has been sleeping with me the last couple of nights... and my kids are kickers...  and coupled with her constant cough... no-one is getting any sleep around here. { other than McCoy.. } I am going to be a bit behind on custom orders and such. Trying to take it easy... and go with the flow. I have worn the same thing for two days straight... and I have to say I am quite enjoying it. The weather outside is frightful and I am quite content being tucked inside with the kiddos.

On a side note. I picked a pretty stupid time to switch over to decaf...but I am doing it.


  1. As I look at these pictures, I listen to this:

    and I almost teared up.

    - s