Catching up.

We are all on the mend.... but still laying low. Drinking loads of green drinks, taking our daily dose of probiotics and trying to be diligent in getting enough rest. My Dad came through Texas for a short visit.... and he leaves in a couple days... so trying to soak up every last minute of that as well.

I am catching up... Monday was a super productive day... and I am getting loads of custom orders out in the mail today. {Thanks for your patience}. I also feel a garage sale coming on... as I have been clearing out my house feverishly in hopes to do a little pre-spring cleaning. There is a calm that comes over me... when I don't have clutter surrounding me... { yet I'm such a hoarder.. as I love thrift bargains and our grandparents have been especially generous with the Grand we have toys and stuff everywhere} If I can sell a few things via virtual "garage sale" .. I will.... but it might be more work than I have time for. Besides I really like a good old fashioned garage sale, coffee.. quarters and fanny packs.

I finished my first ever PPP wedding dress... { the first ever actually was my own wedding dress } When it warms up.. Id like to photograph it outside if possible.... soon enough. I am super excited about this weeks post- we are breaking it up in half to change things up a bit. Half of the post will be tonight at 5pm Texas time. The other half on Wednesday { tba } You don't want to miss it!

Have a lovely day- xo.

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