Around Here....

We are spending lots of time outside.. it can go from 80 to 50 in Texas in a day.. so when its nice... you will find us outside... enjoying every warm drop.

We got the kids a chevron rug- with the chevron trend almost annoying me.. i tried to fight it...  thinking I would soon be sick of it... yet i. love. it.  Some trends are just worth following.
 Static hair..
 Donnie building a pallet bed as a guest bed. This project has been on our list for over a year. 

 Say hello to our "compromise " I love a vintage looking sofa...Donnie wanted comfy- so we got this craigslist find.... gray velvet... 100% downfill....  already watched our first netflix on it. stamp of approval. we bought it cash with our  revenue from my virtual garage sale on facebook.  Thats how I like to shop... sell my junk and buy a new couch. Thanks to those of you who bought " my junk".
 Are you tired of my trampoline pictures yet?  We love this thing!
  California weather today- Im wearing flip flops { huge grin }
 My new expensive addiction.
 Nothing like a sister... to hold your tushie when pushing you up the ladder
 Roses are blooming------! a reminder its time to start our garden! 
The husband just walked in the door- the kids are napping- I am going to take advantage of this time to have an uninterrupted conversation with my love <3 Happy Tuesday.

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