Around Here....

Her new favorite snack she begs for... rice cake with almond butter and jelly. I think she likes the crunch.

 Oh hello....???? Super rad thrift store find! Italias size too. It was meant to be!
 My hair is fading fast... but i love even the stage its in.... its just a fun change and I'm rolling with it.
 Artist at work...
 Trampoline fun with Grandma!

 McCoy keep your tounge in your mouth.. or you are going to bite it!... we tell her!

 Back to work.

Hope your week is lovely. xo


  1. Trampoline fun with Grandma! Love it, your girls are so lucky to have moments like those :)

  2. So much happy!
    Where do you get all your cute kiddo art tables/chairs & stuff? Ikea? Love!
    Also, do you do workbooks or anything like that with McCoy when you do your little bible studies with her?
    Just curious! :)
    xo, Jamie

  3. thanks Anya- My mom is awesome. :) im blessed.

    Jamie- Ikea!!! yes! we love ikea!

    and bible study through Abeka