Wish List.

I am by nature very frugal.... that's probably what spurred my love for recycled fabrics in the first place.I by default thrifted almost all of my clothes in high school because I didn't have the funds to keep up with fashion trends........ but back then I had no patience for sewing.. what-so-ever...... so it wasn't until college that I calmed by anxious self down and made it happen.  In our family we have certain things we splurge on..... we like good healthy food. We eat all organic, and we wont bat an eye about it. We know that we pay for it now or later at the Doctor... so we choose to eat healthy and spend the money to make that happen. However... when it comes to things like" electronics or other savvy items.... we are very behind. We don't have cable....  and we don't have the funds to keep up with the latest and greatest electronics.... but I have a wish..... and Ive rationalized it. { its an investment for my business... and just think of the gorgeous photos I will be able to capture of my girls growing up } 

I wish for a Canon 60D. 

By accident when at the camera shop.... learning about studio lighting... I took a random picture with a Canon 60D. Mind you.. I was inside a dark camera shop..... and the picture I took with Nil effort... came out better than any photograph Ive ever snapped. My heart was overwhelmed by the price tag... so I just happily skipped off.... thinking " someday.. I will have that camera ". 

The Problem you see... is that I know how crisp my pictures could be.... and they are not. The grainy noise on my studio pictures drive me batty.. especially because I am used to effortless natural lighting and outdoor photography. The studio shots have been challenging.... but I know the efforts will pay off.Its been really nice to be unaffected by the fickleness of Texas weather.. or not have to plan a shoot around the sun.

However...I had to get real with myself though.... we are in no position to buy this camera out right.  So me being the pursuer that I am..... I decided it was time to get radical with craigslist. Craigslist has been mildly successful.... other than the massive amounts of scams taking place on the site now { what a huge bummer.. because CL is such a great resource } So I  started selling off random unused belongings... and I'm almost half way there towards my goal to buy the camera. I recently just sold my Canon Rebel Xt..... and so now I am committed... because I am going to need a camera.... so there is no time to waste.

So because of my love for the Canon 60D.... I offer you a 30% sale in hopes to drum up the rest of what I'm trying to save up for.

Don't thank me... Thank Canon !!!!
NEW ETSY USERS: be sure to enter the coupon code... or you will not be automatically discounted.
Does not apply to custom projects.

Oh and New PPP being posted Wednesday. { i will announce time later }


  1. I've been wanting that same camera! I've got some lenses for my canon rebel xsi, and I'm not sure if they will work on the Canon 60D! I'll half to do research. I really hope you can get your new camera!!

  2. I have the Canon 60D and love it! However, I need to take a class ASAP to get the most out of it.