Violet Bella- in PPP.

It is always a pleasure to find PPP being sported on such beauties as Laura Mazurek, of Violet Bella. I get really excited when Laura takes photos in her ppp, because 1. she rocks it... and 2. her photos always knock my socks off. Yesterday on her blog she is wearing her PPP, CSNY Tube. { and those shoes? Gasp!..} I love how she puts her outfits together!

And let us recap on this gals.... closet full of PPP. { and Noni beanies for that matter }

Isn't she beautiful? Def go and check out Laura's very inspiring and down to earth blog.... you will be glad ya did! 


  1. whoa momma, and that isnt even the half of them im sure!!! thank you shauna. i rock it b/c YOU rock it!

  2. laura's the beautifullest. she looks like an adorable little celebrity, doesn't she?