A big thank you to these lovely gals at 2tarts..... the trunk show last night was a huge success.
{stay tuned for future 2tart+ PPP fun }
When I got home... from the trunk show.. I had over 200 emails from etsy.... I was curious why?

Turns out I had been featured on etsy yesterday... { Here is a snippet }

As the Seller Education Team continues to lay the groundwork for programming and plans in the new year, this week we’re reflecting back to 2011 and looking forward to 2012.

The second most-clicked, commented and shared piece in last year’s arsenal was worth quitting over, your day job that is. Hint: After reading you won't feel poor or pitiful (and your shop might even be a little more prosperous). Check it out! 

Today... I am going to have a girls date....... with my daughters, Mom and Sister. 

I will do inventory from the trunk show on what is left... and open the etsy shop back up late tonight or saturday morn.

Im so glad its friday.... I just wished my husband could quit his job and hang out with us.
The weekends are always my favorite.

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