Ruminations... of my heart.

We have gotten comfortable.
Put a little too much stock into " dreams" 
Id count it all as lost.... these dreams
If it keeps me from doing Gods will.
I only want to be in the center of his will for my life.
God is stirring in me....  and in Donnie.
I feel growing pains.... its hard to even blog.
So I find pictures that speak to my heart.

Source unknown.

There is so much love in my heart... I could explode.
Yet... so much sorrow for the broken.
Only God can bring me peace and joy.... 
and show me how I can be a part of the solution...
not the problem.
God give us courage... and hope.


  1. I seriously love this post soooo much. <3

  2. You are on my heart I am praying. Isn't it amazing that the God of the universe chooses us and shares our journey. He is proud of you now in the journey.