New Years !

Despite.... a few enticing party invites and a sad fact we skipped church we opted for a more hunker down kinda New Year.... We decided the Hursh family needed to sleep in and have a slow morning after all the hustle bustle of the holidays. Daddy wakes up at 4am every morning for work.... so when the weekend rolls around..the kids get super excited for a lounge around in our pajamas kinda morning. Its rare... but we treasure it. We slept in.... made pancakes... and relaxed fully { I love those mornings}.... Then our neighbors invited us over for a little bbq.So we walked all but maybe four houses over to their house!... and took some pics along the route.

At the end of it all... Italia was head to toe in dirt, ranch dressing and some more dirt. I imagine that this is what having a boy is like? McCoy never liked to be its a new experience for Donnie and I... She is into EVERYTHING...... and I mean everything.

The New Year is already so full... This month we are busy with puppy training classes, the 2012 PPP line completed, A start at remodeling my website, a start on new homeschooling curriculum and Donnie is taking his Masters Electrician test. I'm sure we glad we had some time off to off set the work load that is about to ensue.....  

Hope your new year is shaping up nicely!

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  1. you all are totally adorable. happy new year! :)