Life with Little ones.

A cute little story... I told on facebook but I thought Id recap.... so that one day McCoy can read it and laugh.

From my studio.. I have glass french doors.... to the backyard... so I can see McCoy while she plays. One day she asked to go outside with our dog jefe..... and I told her that it would be fine... but to not talk to strangers if anyone tried to talk to her from the fence... but to come and tell me so I knew who was out there first... so she comes running in " Mom, a little girl rode by on her bike and tried to talk to me "... I told her I dont talk to strangers... but she said she is not a stranger... she is a Christian.

I savor these young years of their life... Oh how i wish they would never grow up.

and I am on my third day without a phone.. Im having my iphone repaired... and I am actually enjoying the quiet... kind of a bummer.. I will need the thing back.

 Check out Casey and her precious baby girl Ansleigh in their PPP...Happy Monday- We are off to a jumpy house birthday party-

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  1. your girls ALWAYS bring the BIGGEST smile to my face!